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A Mother-Daughter Retrospective
The Paintings of
Dorothy Coyne Ladd
Dorothy Patricia James

My mother, Dorothy Ladd, was an artist, an educator and a technical illustrator. She was trained at New York University and Columbia. She taught at Williams College during the Second World War and was at MIT for over 20 years. As a child I remember a house redolent with the smell of turpentine and rubber cement. I was as thrilled about new art supplies as other children were about new toys. My mother was still giving private art lessons when she was in her late seventies and when she died at 85 years old I was the happy recipient of many of her glowing canvases.

My own art career began with my mother's tutelage and I also took courses at the Cambridge School of Art and Design. During my adult life I lived in Europe for over 19 years spending much time at the Prado, the Louvre, the Borghese Museum and the Tate.

I always carried my water colors and pastels with me to use in transit and when I settled down for a while I set up my easel to paint with oils. Whenever I was in Providence I took classes with Eugene Tonoff, and Anthony Dattoro and gained knowledge from the advice and critique of other artists such as Karnig Nalbandian, Anthony Petrillo and Jane Motley. Having lived in Rhode Island now for over two decades, my work particularly reflects my love of the sea, especially Jamestown, and Westerly and more recently my visits to the Western coast of Costa Rica. I can be contacted locally at: 401-274-5125.

Dorothy Coyne Ladd
Dorothy Patricia James

Green vase and jewelry

Jamestown Lighthouse

Bittersweet copper pot

Skinny-dip place in Costa Rica

Bittersweet copper pot

Beavertail Rocks, Jamestown Rhode Island

Ready for a party

Rain in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Flowers with book

Valentina's tree, Costra Rica

Bittersweet clay pot

Dorothy James by Dorothy Ladd

Julia's Flowers